Lawn Maintenance

Lawns, like trees, are an essential part of your landscape. Healthy lawns start with healthy roots.
This is a core service where we really shine.We welcome the opportunity to provide full maintenance service. Having said that, if all you need is a company to mow the yard, we are happy to help.

We’ll help you determine your personal likes and dislikes and your abilities and limitations. In subsequent we will consider the characteristics of the site, appropriate criteria for selecting plants, and ways to ensure that your gardening efforts reap successful results that you can be proud of by using an environmentally responsible approach. But before we can put that important information to good use, it is critical to examine your preferences, priorities, and point of view.




he hallmark of a healthy lawn is a deep green color and the ability to grow back after normal wear and tear and regular mowing. Sometimes, however, grass needs some extra help in the form of nutrients that are not readily available in the soil to stay healthy.

In this case, you can apply a lawn fertilizer that will revitalize and enrich the soil, providing your grass with the nourishment it requires. Lawn fertilization is not difficult and almost any homeowner can quickly learn the right type of fertilizer to buy and how to apply it properly. Fertilizer can help you grow a lawn that is dense enough to fight weeds while standing up to disease, insects and foot traffic.

With some thoughtful planning and a bit of compromise, your garden can oblige your varied outdoor requirements, limitations in time and physical ability.

Hedge Trimming

As with our hedge cutting service we can schedule our visits as often as you need to keep your hedge in good condition throughout the year. We recommend trimming hedges and bushes at least once a year, but depending on the type of hedge maybe twice.

Our team are happy to operate under your direction and will always endeavour to complete a job based on your requirements. Well maintained and trimmed hedges, shrubs and trees will significantly improve the overall appearance of the surrounding area. ARBOREAL LAWN AND LANDSCAPE offer a complete hedge cutting and pruning service throughout the year.


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Seasonal Cleaning


We get it. Sometimes life can get in the way of your regular maintenance, and your once beautiful yard quickly starts to resemble something out of The Jungle Book. That’s where we come in. We’ll clean up your yard from top to bottom, and help bring your outdoor areas back to a state of beauty.Just like a car wash is not complete until you apply the wax and buff, your lawn care is not done until the yard is cleaned-up. We’ll clean-up any debris that can not be reused as an organic nutrient for your lawn. The cleanliness of your grass, beds and walkways will put your yard in the pole position for “lawn of year”.

Leaf Removal


There is lots of work to be done in the fall. Let us take care of your weekend chores! There are leaves to be cleaned up, bushes to be trimmed (they will be healthier in the spring), perennials to be clipped back, and beds to be cleaned up. Did you know that fall is also the best time of the year to overseed those thin patches of your lawn?This is a core service where we really shine.Having said that, if all you need is a company to fall and spring cleanups the yard, we are happy to help.


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A lawn care professional can guide you through all of variables and provide tips to help restore your existing lawn or establish a new lawn. Caring for your lawn with a professional maintenance program will keep your lawn healthy and attractive, adding continuous value to your property. Consider one of ARBOREAL LAWN AND LANDSCAPE services to help your lawn become the envy of the neighborhood. The professionals at ARBOREAL , will perform a soil analysis, select the best seed for your landscape conditions and develop a comprehensive lawn care maintenance plan customized for your property’s needs. Optional natural lawn care programs are available to fit your preferences.

Planting new varieties can help protect a lawn from drought, disease, pests, excessive traffic and shade, so as a result they need less water and pest control. ARBOREAL only uses the best rated varieties.


A lot of homeowners think of mulch as strictly cosmetic, just something to make the place look good. And it’s true that mulch around the base of trees and shrubs does improve property appearance.

But there’s so much more that mulch can contribute to your landscape. It makes lawn and tree maintenance a whole lot easier, and provides other yard care benefits that are underground and out of sight.

Most landscape trees require more maintenance. Proper pruning will enhance the beauty of your landscape and compliment the other shrubs, plantings and the lawn area on your property.


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